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Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Soul to Take by Rachel Vincent

Title: My Soul to Take
Author: Rachel Vincent
Age Group: Teens
# of Pages: 279
My Rating: 2.5/5

Kaylee has a strange condition. A horrifying one. She has the urge to scream her bloody lungs out every time when someone near her is about to die. Nash, the cute boy of her grade, notices her and is seemingly curious about her condition. Then, something strange happens when local girls die without a reason and Kaylee needs to find out why.

I have to say, I was disappointed. I remembered there was a LOT of hype for this novel when it first came out. It was all over the blogosphere, especially since it was one of the first series published by Harlequin Teen. I had a feeling I wasn't going to be interested based on the premises so I never picked it up. However, I do review for Harlequin Teen and they did send me the later novels of The Soul Screamers series. I wanted to try to read them which meant I would have to start from the beginning. However, from the first novel alone, I'm not sure if I would get that far.

The beginning to the middle was flat as flat can be. Yes, there were girls dying (as said in summary) but it wasn't attention grabbing in any way. You acknowledge it, but doesn't exactly pump you up. The only thing that I liked was the suspense on why teen girls were dying out of nowhere. The reason ended being slightly bland because there was nothing building up to it.

Kaylee is one of those protagonists I cannot stand. She is the one of many that after discovering what she really is, she tries to jump in and save the day, regardless that she barely knows anything about this new world of hers. She goes against the words of those who knows what they are doing and even got someone killed trying to save her friend. Really? She is just one of those frustrating girls I see one too many of in YA novels these days.

Unless you are really into paranormal cliche novels, I wouldn't recommend this My Soul to Take.
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