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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Watching on Wednesday: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Title: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Type: Movie
Age Group: Youth +
Release Year: 2008
My Rating: 4/5

Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) is back with another adventure when greaser Mutt Williams (Shia LeBeouf) tells him that his old colleague is kidnapped by the Soviets. The Soviets want to find the Crystal Skull, an artifact that rumours that whoever is its founder would give them great powers and riches beyond their imagination. Indiana must get to the Crystal Skull first before the Soviets do and use it for dark purposes. Will he be able to make it?

Prior to this movie, I have never watched Indiana Jones. Therefore, I had nothing to compare it to, which could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you look at it. Luckily, it was a good thing for me.

This movie dealt a lot more with action by fighting the bad guys and racing to find the Crystal Skull. There wasn't that huge depth of character interactions, but there was a bit to give the plot a little push. The ride was good and I enjoyed it as I watched it. There were a couple of comical moments, but other than that, gun shots and running away for 95% of the time.

The end though was a disappointment. I was expecting something grand and historical. Like, a real life artifact or myth with a twist. [SPOILERS] Instead, the Crystal Skull was actually an alien. Or at least, made up an alien because there were 7 Crystal Skulls. That just killed the movie because you would be hyped up to know what this magical item did and finding out that it turned out to be a sci-fi movie just makes you go "What??" [SPOILERS END]

I wouldn't rush out to get this movie but pick it up if you're ever at the library and want something to kill time with.

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