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Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Heights, the Depths, and Everything in Between by Sally Nemeth

Title: The Heights, the Depths, and Everything in Between
Author: Sally Nemeth
Age Group: Tweens/Teens
# of Pages: 263
My Rating: 4/5

Lucy Small is not-so-small because she towers over everyone in her grade! Meanwhile, her best friend Jake is the shortest boy in their class! Being together makes them the funny duo.

When the new student Gary comes along, things started to change for the two best friends. In this heart-warming story about growing up, it is one that anyone can relate to.

Being someone who is particular with the protagonist's age whenever I am reading, I was pleased with the turn out of this novel. I loved the innocence of the youths because it gave something refreshing to read compared to a majority of YA novels.

This novel is set in the 1970s, which is definitely a nice touch because it makes everything oh-so-more innocent. Reading from Lucy's perspective, you get to see the things that she has to go through. As any young tween, she has school problems and family problems. With her father out to find himself, it's only her and her mother for the majority of the novel. When he father did come back, she had to deal with the probability of him leaving again. Meanwhile at school, Jake has gone off with Gary and not being himself. As well, he is really against the idea of his mother dating someone. From a tween's perspective, the problems and events are very realistic. One can definitely relate, especially having to gone through that age or is going through that age.

Overall, I found this to be a great read for anyone who would like to pick out something more age appropriate for a tween. It has to do a lot with growing up and the little bumps in life.

Won copy from Teens Read Too (no longer active).

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