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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kamisama Kazoku by Tapari & Yoshikazu Kuwashima

Title: Kamisama Kazoku
Mangaka: Tapari & Yoshikazu Kuwashima
Age Group: Older Teens
Series is: 5 volumes and ongoing
Volume(s) Reviewing: 1
My Rating: 2.5/5

Samataro Kamiyama is the son of God and is pretending to be human in order to learn more about humans because he is next in line. Tenko is his childhood friend and also his guardian angel, making sure that he stays on the right path. However, how is Samataro to learn anything if his magical family keeps meddling with his life??

If I was to sum up the first volume very briefly in words: comedy, angels, and cleavage. It's one of those really light-hearted series that you cannot take for seriously. I assume not until later on when there will be a life-changing moment for the protagonist. Samataro is a carefree person who's not too serious with his role, neither do his parents (his parents being more childish than him!). But there isn't much to his character nor to the surrounding ones. 

With no driven plot, it made it hard for me to enjoy the manga because I found the style of the story to be lacklustre. Despite the attempts of trying to make it funny by having sexy slip-ups here and there, the comedy didn't do much for me. It's readable and the art isn't bad. It's just one of those series that you will forget the plot and characters of almost immediately. I don't recommend buying but if there's nothing else on the library shelf, it doesn't hurt to pick up for a brief read. 
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