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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Detective Conan by Aoyama Gosho

Title: Detective Conan (Cased Close)
Mangaka: Aoyama Gosho
Age Group: Young Teens
# of Pages: Approx. 200 per volume
# of Volumes: On-going
My Rating: 4/5

Shinichi Kudo is a renowned famous young teenage detective that is known as the modern Holmes. He knows many brilliant facts and can solve murder cases within a day.

One day, Shinichi and his best friend Ran Mouri, went out to the theme park. A man got his head severed while they were on a roller coaster ride that went through a pitch black tunnel. It turned out to be the ex-girlfriend who sliced off his head with a string!

Later on that day, Shinichi saw a couple suspicious guys in black trench coats and decided to follow them. The two guys were doing some shady business with a man who later they killed right in front of Shinichi's eyes! He was caught soon after and was drugged with some new poison the villains have obtained.

Luckily, the poison did not kill him but when he woke up, he shrunk down to a child's body! Now he has to find those two men in the trench coats and find out how to reverse the potion so he could be bigger again! He has to disguised himself as Conan and a relative of a scientist friend that he lives with. Ran decided to take him in which is a good score for him because Ran's father work as a detective also and if anything suspicious about those men come up, Conan would be there to catch them!

I say this is a good series but the problem is that it is way too long! There exists over 600 chapters already and still have not ended! The mysteries are well done with how the murderer gets away with it, even though Conan always crack it in the end. I'm amazed how the author managed to come up with new ideas and characters! Most characters don't reappear again if they were in a certain murder case unless related to Shinichi or Ran. If only the author wrapped it up within 10 volumes, it would be much better.

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