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Sunday, August 10, 2008

MeruPuri by Matsuri Hino

Title: MeruPuri: Marchen Prince
Mangaka: Matsuri Hino
Age Group: Young Adults
# of Pages: Approx. 720 for whole series
# of Volumes: 4
My Rating: 5/5

How high are your standards when you are looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend? Well, Airi Hoshina is a young Japanese high school girl who dreams of having a perfect husband and gets to live in a cozy home. Her standards are set very high and she even once turned down a guy who asked her out at graduation because she didn't think they were meant to be. She is waiting for her perfect soul mate.

All changed when one day Airi was running late for school. She accidentally dropped a star-shaped mirror that used to belong to her great-great-great-(great?) grandmother. A young boy came out of the mirror and when Airi came back looking for it, he was holding the mirror in his hand. His name is Astale=Ei=Daemonia Eucharistia Aram, or Aram for short. Airi felt sorry for him because he has to wait for his companion so she decided to take him until he is picked up.

Little did she know, he is prince from a magical kingdom called Astale. He is trying to escape from his older brother who hates him earlier by crossing into her world for safe hiding. Unfortunately, before he passed through in time, his brother already casted a spell on him! It causes him to grow older every time he is in the absence of light. Imagine the shock Airi is in when she woke up with a handsome looking seventeen years old boy sleeping beside her!

The only way for Aram to turn back to his cute seven years old self is to get a kiss from his fair maiden. He chose Airi as his fair maiden but she refused to give away her first kiss in the beginning. Aram can not get back to his own world without his powers so Airi is stuck babysitting him! What in the world will happen to these two?

To be honest, the first time when I bought the first volume, I was not completely into it. It was about nearly a year later that I decided to get the second volume because I didn't know what else to buy for my manga collection. And oh my gosh! It gets so intense! The next day I bought the last two volumes and it was completely worth it! If you are a manga and shojo fan like I, pick up this book! My review for this series is very vague because I don't want to spoil anything. So go get it now!

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