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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

School Rumble by Jin Kobayashi

Title: School Rumble
Jin Kobayashi
Age Group:
# of Pages: Approx. 170
# of Volumes:
My Rating:

Tenma Tsukamoto is madly in love with the simple Oji Karasuma but ever time she tries to confess, something foils her plans! Or she ends up messing it up herself!
Kenji Harima is a scary delinquent who likes Tenma very much. But every time he tries to get closer to her, something bad happens! As both of them try to score their love, many events happen in between. Unplanned situations, friends jump in, this and that, oh the drama!

This series setting is more or so goes on as a daily basis plot line. So everyday = new and random events. It evolves around every character within the manga, revealing a bit of their background each. It's very cute but I definitely recommend the anime. The anime is much funnier than the actual manga itself! Since the anime ended abruptly, I think the manga would be more suitable if you want to know what happens at the end (but I don't think the series have ended yet in Japan). There is a second season that recently came out so I would have to look that up also. So far what I've read, the manga and the anime stays close to each other. So no confusion whatsoever if you want to pick up one or the other.

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