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Monday, November 10, 2008

Captive Hearts by Matsuri Hino

Title: Captive Hearts
Mangaka: Matsuri Hino
Age Group: Teens
# of Pages: Approx. 200
# of Volumes: 5
My Rating: 3.5/5

Megumi Kuroishi is a university student who have been living a luxurious life for the past two years. It was because for many generations, his family served the prosperous Kogami family and gained their trust. When the recent Kogami family left to China many years ago, they were proclaimed dead and Megumi's father receive their mansion because of the master's will. All is well until he found out their only daughter survived. Good-bye future fortune!

When Suzuka Kogami first appeared, Megumi is found kneeling in front of her to welcome her home and started calling her Princess! He is weirded out that he was acting like a servant when he have done nothing of that sort for the Kogami family who was gone fourteen years ago! He found out from his father that their ancestor, Kuronekomaru, tried to steal an heirloom scroll from the Kogami family. When he opened it up, him and his family (including descendants) was cursed to serve the Kogami family forever by the Dragon God guarding the scroll!

Suzuka is a sweet girl and does not wish for Megumi to follow her around like crazy due to the curse. Is there a way for Megumi to rid the curse? How would their relationship work out if they do?

In the beginning, I read it through it so quickly that I had to read it again slowly so I could do this review. It shows that this is one of the mangas were you have to pause to read. This is Matsuri Hino's debut manga and to say it wasn't as great as MeruPuri. I'm not sure if I would consider it better than Vampire Knight or the other way around. (One of her most recent series still in publishing. I may or may not do a review on it). There are cute parts within the manga but I think the storyline went a little to quickly for my liking. MeruPuri was the same but that was the start of the second volume, which is good because most of the time some series start to get boring after the first volume. Hence, since this first volume went by so fast, I don't think it the second volume need to be made at all! There are a couple of loose strands that the second volume may clear it but it is not the ones that bother the heck out of you. A cute read but you would have to catch your breath to read it or else you would get lost. The first volume contains two short stories at the end.

Review copy provided by Viz.

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Liviania said...

I may skip this one if it's just at the level of VK. The preview I read wasn't impressive. It's sad because MeruPuri is so cute.

Diana Dang said...

Well, it is considered her first manga written as a series so I can forgive the mangaka for that. Have you read Wanted though? I was so disappointed and it was a bit confusing...

Liviania said...

I thought Wanted was a cute oneshot.

Yeah, I got Detective Jermain through Henry Holt. It arrived about a week ago? Not very long.

Diana Dang said...

It is, but I didn't enjoy it very much. But what I love about Matsuri is that she have stories from different time periods and themes!