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Monday, June 22, 2009

Death by Latte by Linda Gerber

Title: Death by Latte
Author: Linda Gerber
Age Group: Teens
# of Pages: 202
My Rating: 4.5/5

Aphra is going to South Carolina to visit a good friend. Well, that is what she told her father anyway. But really, she is going to search for her mother in Seattle. Haven't seen her for four years, Aphra is desperate to be in contact with her again.

When Aphra tracks her mother down, it's going to be all hugs and kisses right? Nope. Instead, Aphra is unwanted there and is shooed away. She refuses to go back home until she spends more quality time with her mother, who she no longer recognizes. But when your mother is an ex-spy, things can get a little difficult.

Once Aphra witnesses the death of her mother's comrade after he drank his latte, she knows this visit is going to be stalled just a little longer. And what a surprise when Seth (once known as Adam) is also in the neighbourhood! But he is there on the matter of life and death.

Who can Aphra possibly trust in this game of cat and mouse?

The sequel is jam-packed with more action and life-threatening situations than ever! Like Death by Bikini, I was attached to this book until the end! I adore Aphra's and Seth's relationship but unfortunately, the romance is not focused on because everyone is running away from being killed.

After I finished reading this, I wondered why my life couldn't be as exciting? Death by Latte is like 007: The YA Version. Seriously, we need more stories like these. Without the supernatural stuff. I am dying to get my hands on Death by Denim now!

I totally recommend this novel for anyone who would like some adventure and action! But either way, pick it up!

Won copy from Linda Gerber, YA Author.

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Melanie said...

This looks like a fun read! Aphra seems like a tough girl.

The Book Resort said...

I have got toread this series. Aphra seems like a fun gal.

Diana Dang said...

She definitely is! Tough and fun! But unfortunately, fun has to be put aside when you're running for life!

sharonluvscats said...

Nice review. I need to get my hands on this series. I'm a huge James Bond fan.

Diana Dang said...

Thank you : )

Dominique said...

nice review! I'm glad you like the series :D

Diana Dang said...

I ♥ it