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Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan

Title: The Forest of Hands and Teeth
Author: Carrie Ryan
Age Group: Teens
# of Pages: 310
My Rating: 4/5

Mary's life has always been inside the fence, away from the Unconsecrated that exist within the Forest of Hands and Teeth. The Sisterhood has always been there, guiding the village. The Guardians make sure that everything is safe and keep the Unconsecrated at bay.

Except, Mary doesn't like being trapped in the village. Her mother told her stories about the ocean and she is determined to see it one day. Stuck in a life with traditions of either becoming part of the Sisterhood or marrying off in order to have children, Mary is restricted from any freedom.

In this post-apocalyptic tale, readers are transported far into the future where life as we know it today cease to exist. Follow Mary into a dangerous journey as her world collapses. Along the way, she must choose between her love and her dream!

I have been dying to read this novel since forever. When it first came out, I knew I had to read it eventually.

I guess the reason why I did not fully enjoy this novel was the setting that it took place in. Mary's era goes back literally a couple of centuries. No technology, no cars, no nothing. Not that it was anything bad, but as personal preference, it bothered me. Without it though, the story would not be what it is.

There were honestly times where I could not stand Mary. I admired her very much for her strong and curious personality, but sometimes she was too hardheaded that the things she did or said seemed stupid. I can not recall a specific example but if I could step into the novel and lecture her, I would've. But overall as a protagonist, I don't mind her too much.

[SPOILERS] In the story, Mary is in love with this guy named Travis. After tending and caring for him while he was bedridden because of a terrible injury, he developed feelings for her too. Except his brother Harry had already ask for her hand. Although Travis may equally love her as much as Harry, I felt that it would be better if Mary ends up with Harry. Harry may sort of be a side character, but there is that special something about him that made me like him. [END SPOILERS]

I have to admit, it took awhile for the story to build up in the beginning. It was not completely lagging, but the action did not partake until midway and I wished it came faster than it did. Like I said before, the setting is like in the olden days so what much can one do in a tiny village without a computer or the contact with the outside world (for hundreds of years)?

Check out The Forest of Hands and Teeth if you like zombies. Especially with the fact that they are around for so long and you would like to see what kind of environment an author came up with for the characters to be in. I won't recommend this to everyone because it does not seem like it would be for most people's taste but if curious, try it out.

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ilonga said...

I loved this book. One of my favorites of all times XD

You should read next book. It will answer a couple of issues you're talking here ;)

fallenleaf said...

I've been wanting to read that!!!

Anonymous said...

I've been wanting to read this one too. Sorry you didn't love it but thanks for the honest review! :D

Diana Dang said...

Lol! I just realized that I forgot to put the good aspects of the story in the review. xD; Seeing that I gave it a good rating but only pointed out the things I didn't like. =w=; Just know that the author's writing is done quite well and that she created a very haunting and unique world. :D

Jill of The O.W.L. said...

I really liked this story - but I have read mixed reviews of it. I can see you're points. I'm hoping The Dead Tossed Waves is even better.

Liviania said...

I still need to read this one - I've owned it forever!

wdebo said...

Ooo I've been waiting forever to read this one...really want to read it!!