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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Trailer Tuesday: The Marvelous World Saga by Troy CLE

Title: The Marvelous World Saga
Author: Troy CLE
Description: The Marvelous World Saga is Mega Dramatic Remarkably True Super Action Fantasy with Louis Proof and Cyndi Victoria Chase at its core. They will learn that they are FAVORITES– the most powerful beings in existence. Those two will discover that they have the latent ability to fight an omnipotent celestial threat that is unraveling both space and time. The funny thing is that they are on opposing sides and depending on what side you stand Louis is your "hero" and Cyndi is your "villain" and vice versa. They both want to stop the threat but must go about in ways that are in complete conflict with the other. This is unlike anything you have read before. Get ready!

I think it is interesting to see a story from two POVs, the hero and the villian. I wonder what this series will be like.

Oh and for anyone wondering what had happened to yesterday's MMM&MM post, my computer refused to turn on . So I will combine last week's post with this week's.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing trailer! I am going to check this series out!

Kunle said...

Hmmmn. Love the book, and now a trailer? Hope there's more to come!