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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Spin by Catherine McKenzie

Title: Spin
Author: Catherine McKenzie
Age Group: Adults
# of Pages: 424
My Rating: 5/5

Kate's dream comes closer to being true when she manages to get an interview at her all-time favourite magazine, The Line. However, things turn out for the worse when she came in drunk from the previous night. So there goes that dream.

However, they will offer her a position in their magazine if she goes undercover at a rehab centre and spy on a celebrity. Easy, right? But what happens when friendship, love, and truth gets in the way?

Okay, I have to sadly admit but I thought this book was a YA novel for a few months before and after buying it until I actually cracked it open. When I read the first page that the protagonist was about to have her 30th birthday, I mentally smacked myself. (I bought it at the author's signing event and the cover screamed YA to me for some reason...). That aside, I think this book is a fabulous contemporary romance novel for adults.

Although Kate is 30, her voice is young and she is very easy to relate to. Everyone has their own problems and Kate has quite a bit on her plate. She ends up befriending Amber, the celebrity she was supposed to be spying on and it makes things harder for her. Her interactions with others are genuine and sometimes, I felt bad for her. Kate have issues in all areas of her life from family to love to work and so on. She gets stuck in many dilemmas and it was interesting to see how she navigates through them slowly. You cannot help but support her.

I wholeheartedly enjoy this novel. It is fun with the right amount of seriousness. It is a kind of novel I would like to see on the big screen because it would translate over so fluidly, making it even more entertaining to watch.

I highly recommend this novel for any YA readers who are tired of the usual YA novels and the adults who are sick of the melodramatic and tragic stories. Anyone who would like some light and fun, yet heart-touching story, should pick up Spin.
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Mrs. Q: Book Addict said...

I have this one and I will be reading it soon. I received an ARC of Arranged, and I'm really excited to read both! Great review!