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Saturday, January 29, 2011

YA Books & Manga Sale (for Toronto only)

Hey guys! My room is being refurnished and I'm trying to clear out my room the best I can. I already got rid of old toys and clothes I no longer wear. However, the biggest clutter (as you can guess) is my book and manga collection. Money is tight and I no longer have a job. Living as a university student is pretty hard. Therefore, I am putting up 1/4 of my manga collection on sale. I haven't gotten the chance to sort my YA collection yet so if you want something and I have reviewed it, you can email me and ask (use the search bar). I highly likely will not sell books that I gave 5/5 ratings for (feel free to ask though).

Also, I apologize but I'm only doing the sale locally. I don't have the money nor time to send the books out and it would add to the cost because of shipping fees. For February, I likely won't buy a bus pass because I have reading week. Therefore my ability to travel around Toronto is limited until March (but I will calculate and see). But I live in Vaughan so I can do meetups there as well.

Do this quick though! If I don't see there is anyone who wants to buy after awhile, I might sell to used book stores.

My manga sale: (Willing to swap manga)

Email me at faked_sugartone at with appropriate heading. Thanks!
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Chibiko said...

If only I was back in Toronto....I would have gotten that manga collection off of your hands! I don't live in Toronto anymore but what kind of manga books are you selling?

Diana Dang said...

Oh darn! :( These are what I am selling