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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Death by Bikini by Linda Gerber

Title: Death by Bikini
Author: Linda Gerber
Age Group: Teens
# of Pages: 225
My Rating: 4.5/5

Aphra has been living on a lovely secluded island for four years now. Her father owns a luxurious resort where retired big names and rich people come for a getaway. It sounds like a dream life but in reality, Aphra finds it quite lonely.

Her boring life changes when the secretive Smith family comes to stay at the resort. They have a very attractive son named Adam. Even though, Aphra can not get it out of her head that the family is hiding something.

Not shortly after their arrival, one of the resort guests ends up dead. Everyone thinks the guest, Bianca, drowned. But Aphra thinks differently. Bianca was killed.

Blood runs cold when Aphra discovers the Smiths' real identities. Is it possible that the father in the family is the killer? Or is there someone else out there? If she does not get to the bottom of this mystery soon, there may be more than just one death.

Linda Gerber delivers an excellent mystery novel! I've read it a second time before this review and it still kept me captivated!

Aphra is a normal teenage girl, living without her mother. She is thrown into a situation that indirectly involves her but she does not find out until later on in the story. I admire her courage and determination. Even though snooping around to find the answers is dangerous, she is not deterred from doing so. Being practically the only teenager on the island for those four years, she is isolated from people her age. One would expect her to be shy and timid when someone like Adam comes along. But she is not. I like the fact that she is not the quiet girl in the corner. She knows her boundaries and that I admire.

I think Adam is more dynamic than most pretty boys in fiction. Even though he is not there all the time, I can still feel his presence. I urge him to come back onto the scene whenever he is gone because I know his character will add a lot more to the plot when he reappears. Because usually, the hot guys are only there to make the main girl swoon. But Adam has a part to play and I look forward to seeing more of him!

The story is engaging, making you wonder what will happen to Aphra. It is at a fluid pace, not too fast but not too slow. It keeps you coming back to continue reading it until it ends.

Nowadays, YA mystery novels are rare (from what I see). There is only one YA mystery author that I really like by the name of Norah McClintok. Linda Gerber is another favourite! If you haven't read Death by Bikini yet, I recommend it! I am reading Death by Latte at the moment and loving it!

Won ARC copy from Reviewer X.

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The Book Resort said...

Oh, Diana, what a terrific review. It really sounds like something I want to read now b/c of your incredible review.

Thanks again & enjoy Death By Latte!

Diana Dang said...

Aw thanks Diane! x) I have to pause myself in Death by Latte because I have 3 other books to review! Though I still have a feeling I'll finish it before everything else.

Ally said...

This book sounds pretty awesome-like a modern day Nancy Drew, with bikinis! Your great review definitely made me want to check it out!

Diana Dang said...

Yes, it's a bit like Nancy Drew! You should check it out!