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Friday, April 3, 2009

Pixie by Mathieu Mariolle & Aurore

Title: Pixie
Author: Mathieu Mariolle (Story) & Aurore (Art)
Age Group: Teens
# of Pages: 98
My Rating: 2.5/5

As a prince stuck in a palace with nowhere to go, Ael dreams of breaking free from his boring, royal life to go on wild and exciting adventures. He adores listening to the stories that his tutor tells him about the magical creatures from far away lands. Oh how Ael wishes to encounter these fairy tale races.

Meet Pixie. He is your round-and-about thief who attempted to rob Ael. By mistake, he takes the young prince along with him when he could not remove the expensive bracelet from the child's wrist. While on the run, Pixie and Ael found themselves mysteriously transported to an unknown land. The prince is thrilled to to know that his wish is finally coming true, not caring the fact that he is kidnapped! He later discovers he has an ability that may cause disaster by those wanting to take advantage of it. With his life endangered, will Ael and his newfound friends escape from those chasing after them?

I follow the artist of Pixie on the popular art site, Deviantart. When I heard that Tokyopop decided to release the English version of it, I was desperate for a copy because I wanted to support a favourite artist. I was lucky to have received a free copy!

I found the plot confusing, which is a major letdown. I understood the basics while it focuses on Ael and Pixie but when it moves to the bad guys' side to the story, I had no idea what was going on. When the scenes transisted from one to another, it came out choppy. I got lost often and I would need to re-read it later to figure out the situation. The art is very lovely but that is about it to Pixie. It has great potential but needs to redo from beginning to end before I could change my mind.

Free copy provided by Anna from TangognaT.

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