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Friday, May 1, 2020

[Movie Review] My Soul to Keep (2019)

Title: My Soul to Keep
Release Year: 2019
Runtime: 91 mins
My Rating: 5/5

[Rotten Tomatoes Synopsis]
Like many 9-year-olds, Eli Braverman believes something evil lives in his basement. When his older sister Emily leaves him home alone one night, Eli discovers if this evil is real or all in his head. What Eli confronts may end up being far more terrifying than his worst nightmare.

My Soul to Keep is such an amazing underrated movie that I had to make a review about it by reviving my blog from the dead. There needs to be more movies like this! I cannot praise it enough!

It's a very straight-forward horror movie concept. Boy thinks there's a monster in the basement. People don't believe him (except for a classmate who has a crush on him). But what makes this movie stands out from your basic run-in-the-mill horror is that the characters are so dynamic and well-thought out. I loved everyone, except for the sister who is a piece of work (insert swear words here about her). The parents are genuinely caring, fun, and supports their son, especially the father. He even encourage his son to face his fears in a constructive manner. They are what I would call "hip parents". They are also very well aware that their teenage daughter has issues. Eli is quick on his feet, smart, and clearly has a lot of talent for being 9-years old. He also has his best friend Sam who is fiercely loyal and equally smart. Their dynamic is fun and you cannot help but immediately root for Eli and Sam. Throughout the entire movie, I was completely invested in Eli and wanted him to survive.

I was definitely peeved with Eli's sister, Emily. She made my blood boiled throughout the movie. In one part of the movie, their parents did not understand what Emily's boyfriend saw in her cause he was this cool guy that was keen to babysit his girlfriend's little brother and have fun with the kid. So yeah, she was the only crazy one out of this perfectly happy, cool family that I wish I would have one day.

So if you wanna watch a movie with extremely likable characters that would have you rooting from beginning to end, give My Soul to Keep a try! It's also kid-friendly so you can watch it with children as well if they are daring!

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