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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Portrait of M & N by Tachibana Higuchi

Title: Portrait of M & N
Mangaka: Tachibana Higuchi
Age Group: Teens
Series is: Completed with 6 volumes
Volume(s) Reviewing: 1
My Rating: 4/5

Mitsuru Abe and Natsuhiko Amakusa are two different students who have the same goal: to lead a normal school life. Due to past "incidents", they are trying to bring as little attention to themselves as possible. Too bad their appearances attract rumours from all over!

Bound to meet, the two teens learn about each other's secrets and their lives get more complicated than ever.

There are stories where the main girl and guy have some sort of secret. But they don't exactly compare to the oddness of Mitsuru's and Natsuhiko's secret. One is a masochist while the other is a narcissist. To the extreme end.

I like the uniqueness of this plot. As you can tell, it is unlike other shojo mangas. Both characters are in a complicated situation, unable to get out of their habit due to their past. I like Mitsuru because she is a nice girl who is misunderstood. When she found out that Natsuhiko has a similar problem, she grows to attach herself to him because she wants to have a friend who understands her. I also think Natsuhiko to be a great counterpart to Mitsuru. He is quiet and unlike her, he prefers to be by himself rather than being forced into that position of friend unwillingly. I like their interaction and I will continue reading the series to see where their relationship goes (even though it is obvious). Another character comes into play towards the end which gives the reader more insight on the characters, especially for Natsuhiko.

Readers who are familiar with Gakuen Alice could tell there is a difference in her art comparing her current style to before. Even though her art not may be appealing in the beginning (current or before), readers will adjust quickly and get into the storyline.

For those who would like a different kind of shojo read, I recommend Portrait of M & N for sure.

Review copy provided by HarperCollins Canada.

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