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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Bad Queen by Carolyn Meyer

Title: The Bad Queen
Author: Carolyn Meyer
Age Group: Teens
# of Pages: 420
My Rating: 4/5

Surely you have heard of Marie-Antoinette. From Austria, she married Louis-Auguste at fourteen in which she later on became the Queen of France. Greatly disliked by her people before her execution, was Marie-Antoinette really that bad? Explore her life and era in this young adult fiction as it weaves around the historical facts, bringing Marie-Antoinette once again back to life.

One thing that I dreaded for this novel was the execution. Whenever it comes to fictional stories that are based off historical queens, they always end it off with some sort of execution (from what I have read so far). It's the one thing that held me back several times to continue reading the book. Other than that, I liked the consistent flow of the novel. I got to see more of what Marie-Antoinette was like, especially for someone who didn't know anything about her.

What was my opinion on the portrayed queen from this novel? I wasn't very fond with the fact that she spent large sums of money upon parties and gowns. With that, she did not care for the French economy at the time when they were in a financial crisis. I found her to be careless and especially with the fact that she was queen, she should've restrained herself. However, I was glad that she was loyal to her husband, despite loving another man. It was most unfortunate in her situation but the fact that she stayed with the king until the end, you can't help but sympathize for her.

It's like you are there with the character yourself as she describes the events around her and her feelings. It's a read that you will put down once in awhile but you will always eventually come back to it. I recommend this novel to historical fiction lovers and those who are curious to know more about the famous Queen of France.

Review copy provided by Book Divas.

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