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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fairy Navigator Runa by Miyoko Ikeda and Michiyo Kikuta

Title: Fairy Navigator Runa
Mangaka: Miyoko Ikeda (Story) & Michiyo Kikuta (Art)
Age Group: Teens
Series is: Ongoing with 5 volumes
Volume(s) Reviewing: 1
My Rating: 2/5

Runa was left at an orphanage when she was still a baby. She knows nothing of her past except she was left with a pendant and a wooden box. She later finds out through two fairies that she is a fairy princess!

When Runa's best friend gets attacked, her hidden powers are unleashed! This is the start of a new life for Runa!

I dislike reading manga series on protagonists younger than me. The fact that Runa is a fourth grader already puts me off. I don't mind them if the plot is actually for kids, but this series is indicated for 13+.

However, my annoyance does not stop there as it compiles a couple of more things I highly hate reading in a manga series. Runa is the type of character that is supposed to be helpful and non-violent because she is told she must learn to open up to people, love everyone, and so on and so forth. Nothing gets to me more than any of those moral crap. If done effectively, then I don't mind. Except when tacking it in to make the character be a goody-goody for the sake of it is a no-no. Second thing is when Runa ran into a cute boy somewhere along the chapters, "his piercing gaze captured [her] heart". Um, how old are you again? I am sick and tired of seeing female protagonists falling in love with this cute/hot guy they just met. The fact that she is not yet even in middle school makes the whole thing stupid.

The art is definitely all cutesy shojo and is meant for younger girls to like. It's the style that I'm most tired of but it works with the fact that the characters are younger, rather than being high school students.

I personally can not stand this series for it checks quite a few things I don't like in manga. But if to recommend, I would recommend it for girls around ten years old who enjoys girly mangas that involves magical powers.

Review copy provided by Del Rey.

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Laura said...

I can't agree with you more on this title. Definitely for a younger audience.

Anonymous said...

Don't agree you base it on age and on your beliefs but I read the book and believe it is set cutsy to give you a cheerful idea and there are some people who believe that the romance between people is sweet and one day all the girl protaganist will be older than you so suck it up
Love CUPCAKE 0:)

Diana Dang said...

That's fine. It wasn't something I was interested in and I expressed that. If you enjoy it, that's great. I don't remember much since then but I know if I was to read it again, I would still not be a fan of it because it's simply not my taste.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you there I hate bad review because it can leave a bad impression on a book that can be very enjoyable
Love CUPCAKE 0:)

Diana Dang said...

I think reviews that give low ratings are good to see as well as high rating reviews. It gives the reader a better opinion overall if they should pick it up or not. Different people look for different things in a book.

Karen said...

well today i just read the first chapter of this and i certainly don't like it a lot, im a 12 year old girl to be honest and i don't really think its suitable for a 13 or + audience, because i see girls reading mangas in school now-a-days i think it should be moved down to 6+ because thats when i started to read mangas. its also the time when kids are still in that stage where they believe in faries and magical creatures