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Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Battle of Genryu: Origin by Shoko Fukaki

Title: The Battle of Genryu: Origin
Shoko Fukaki
Age Group:
Older Teens
Series is:
Completed with 3 volumes
Volume(s) Reviewing:
My Rating:

Life full of intense training, Jin is a martial artist who doesn't take anything too seriously. He is satisfied with the way he is living by hanging out with his friends and stealing their food.
But when he is attacked by some strong, unknown guys, his life changes.

They were hired by his older brother, who he hasn't seen for years. What does he want? For sure, it is not an act of brotherly love.

Is it me, or does the artwork looks more of manhwa than manga? Flipping through, it really does appear so! But the art inside is much better than the actual cover. It screams shonen for sure. Big-built guys and voluptuous females all around.

I was a little disappointed that the "big secret" was not revealed in the first volume (but was done so in the summary). It sort of defeated the purpose of the manga for me. I would have to go to the second volume (I'm guessing) to see what the big deal was all about. But it didn't build up the suspense for me to be eager for its following volumes. Which was why it was given a lower rating.

The characters were just okay. They didn't stand out in any way particular. Except for one of Jin's guy friends. He's a cooking addict. And gives each of his beloved homemade meals a female name. Which I found was a little funny... and weird.

With quite some of fighting scenes, boys will like this manga a lot more than girls will. A strong hero and his pretty female friend who can kick as much asses, The Battle of Genryu: Origin is a read for Street Fighter fans.

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