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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Beat the Reaper by Josh Bazell

Title: Beat the Reaper
Author: Josh Bazell
Age Group: Adults
# of Pages: 310
My Rating: 4.5/5

Peter Brown is a doctor in a Manhattan hospital with a killer past. His real name is Pietro "Bearclaw" Brwna and once was part of the mafia. Why does he have a job to save peoples' lives when all he did before was kill? It first started when his grandparents, the only loving family he had, were murdered when he was still a freshman in high school. He had no idea who the culprits were and wanted revenge. Soon enough he became friends with Adam "Skinflick" Locano, who's family is in the mafia. The father, David Locano, is your typical lawyer so no regular person would curiously pry into his background for dirty information. He welcomed Pietro with open arms.

After officially becoming part of the "family" with the Locanos, complications started to arise a few years later. Pietro's life and the people close to him became endangered. He managed to break free from his old reputation to come back as a new man.

Today, Dr. Brown meets up with a new patient who has three more months left to live due to cancer. Apparently, the man knows the doctor during the days he was called Bearclaw. Just when Peter thinks he is free from the dark side, he may be running into the faces he erased from his previous life once more. Time is ticking and the pressure is on. Peter have to fight against the reaper and find a way to stay alive... again.

Before reading Beat the Reaper, I briefly scanned another review of it. I only glanced at it for like thirty seconds but I remember that it mentioned there is a lot of sex, drugs, and violence. And boy, the person wasn't kidding. If you don't think you are mature enough, don't read it. (But I'm sure you are!)

The main character draws the reader in the most. Peter's/Pietro's personality is engaging, making you wonder what he'll say next. He has a sarcastic humour and swears in every other sentence but is also sharp-minded, coming up with tactics you will not believe so he can save himself. I wonder if I'll ever meet someone like him.

The story sucks you in, especially with a voice like Peter/Pietro. It alternates back and forth from the present to the past so the reader is able to understand what had happen and is happening now to the protagonist. Most of the time, I dislike it when the story jumps back and forth between time. But Mr. Bazell skillfully written in a manner that is hard to tear your eyes away from the page. There were times where I was lost with what Peter is saying. He uses big terms that I do not understand. But the great thing about this book? Medical terms or words a common person may not know will have a definition of at the bottom of the page! I also love how everything wraps up all so nicely at the end. There are times where you may be lost but this book can not be overlooked! Plus, it's educational!

Review copy provided by Hachette Book Group.

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This one looked really cool to me! Your breakfast sounds good (and more healthy than mine.)

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Oh that book sounds really interesting! :D

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Thank you!