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Sunday, January 18, 2009

One♥Pound Gospel by Rumiko Takahashi

Title: One♥Pound Gospel
Mangaka: Rumiko Takahashi
Age Group: Teens
# of Pages: Approx. 210
# of Volumes: 4
My Rating: 3/5

Kosaku Hatanaka is a young and talented featherweight boxer. His coach dreams big for Kosaku but sadly, the boy is continuously shoving food in his mouth! All boxers have to stay healthy and be in a certain range of weight. Gaining a few pounds over the limit can penalize the boxer from his competition! Sister Angela is a nun who forgives all of Kosaku gluttonous sins. He likes her very much and tries his hardest when she's around.Will she be able to encourage him to becoming the best he can be?

Definitely not my favourite series by Rumiko. It lacks the attention grabbing humor that Ranma 1/2 has and the action-packed fantasy that Inuyasha has. It's slow and the characters were none too exciting. I didn't like religious part in the book either. The characters are quite normal and I see that she is popular for her abnormal characters in her stories. Maybe if there is some sort of twist to the plot, it'll surely be more interesting. (There might be by the second volume but I'm unsure if I will pick it up). Surprisingly there's only four volumes in this series. I am so used to seeing her work stretch on for many volumes. I am curious to know if she is going to make a new series since Inuyasha finally ended (terribly) after over fifty volumes.

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