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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Watching on Wednesday: Max Payne

Title: Max Payne
Type: Movie
Age Group: Teens +
Release Year: 2008
My Rating: 2.5/5

Max Payne's (Mark Wahlberg) life is no longer the same when he came home to see his wife, Elizabeth (Marianthi Evans), and baby murdered. As a cop, he is determined to find out who killed his family. His life revolves around pursuing the possible killer and asking all the connections he has with the underground world for leads.

Max kept running into dead ends until he encounters a beautiful woman named Natasha (Olga Kurylenko) at a club. She engages in an argument with her sister Mona (Mila Kunis) shortly after, who backs down due to Max's authority. Natasha comes over to his place and tries to seduce him. He quickly shoos her out after she made inappropriate comments. She leaves, pissed off. The next day, she is found dead in an alley with her body pieces scattered all over along with his wallet.

He is suspected for murder and Max's old partner, Alex (Donal Logue), looks into the case. Then, Alex realizes that Natasha's death relates to Max's wife. About to tell his friend, he dies before he got the chance. Max gets pulled into a world of conspiracy and dark creatures after finding out the truth of what his wife had really been a part of.

What brought my attention to this movie was the fact Mila Kunis is in it. As That 70s Show starlet, I was surprised to see she was in an action movie. I wanted to see how she acted in a non-comedy film. She did pretty well but I think she haven't pulled away from her Jackie image completely. She should definitely continue on playing different roles in other movies to improve. The actress who plays Natasha, Olga, is absolutely gorgeous. Gawsh how I wish I'm exotically beautiful like she is...

The movie was a bore. The story seemed exciting but it was poorly executed. Even the climax wasn't intriguing. I hated the colour of setting. It was so grim. I know it was a tragic and action film but they could have lightened up a bit. I could have fallen asleep watching it. I only stuck with it to the end to watch Mila's character. An action movie that is not action-y enough for this reviewer to like.

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Keri Mikulski said...

Sounds like a movie my hubby would love. :)

Thanks for the review!

Diana Dang said...

Hoho, really? I'm sure he'll enjoy I much more than I did.

Not a prob!