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Saturday, July 4, 2009

ghostgirl: Homecoming by Tonya Hurley

Title: ghostgirl: Homecoming
Author: Tonya Hurley
Age Group: Teens
# of Pages: 285
My Rating: 1.5/5

Now that Charlotte has finally graduated from Dead Ed, she will be going to Heaven, right? Nope.

Instead, she is stuck giving advices to troubled teens through a hotline by being their "conscience". Except, she never gets any calls. Fun. Is this how the Afterlife supposed to be?

Damen is at college now and Scarlet feels that their relationship is slowly deteriorating. Her utmost popular sister, Petula, is getting glammed up for homecoming. But unexpectedly, she falls into a coma after a bad pedicure. Even though she is annoying, Scarlet still loves her sister deep down. She has to get her back before she really does die. She must get Charlotte's help.

I am very disappointed to say but the sequel had let me down even more than the first. Charlotte was less annoying now, that is for sure. But for everyone else, all of their actions seemed very unintelligent. What was happening throughout the story did not make a lot of sense. You could understand what was going on but what the characters did were a little on the "Huh?" side. It was unrealistic, considering that it was already a supernatural genre, and I couldn't connect with the book.

The most ridiculous thing was why in the heck world would Scarlet seek out Charlotte to help her sister? In what way could she possibly aid the situation? She was dead. And Scarlet, idiotically, got herself in coma so she could contact Charlotte. I was, "What the hell??" the whole time. From beginning to end, the plot is just plan ludicrous.

The people in ghostgirl were like cartoon characters, not real at all. Everyone went one way or the other without any dynamics in their personality. For example, the environmentalist guy would always go back to talking about the world's health at one point or another if you were to have a conversation with him. The only part I liked was when Petula finally showed her human side with the child star, Virginia, when they were both on the verge of death.

I do not recommend this novel at all.

Review ARC copy provided by Hachette Book Group.

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Anonymous said...

You obviously don't get these books. They are GENIUS and you, my friend, are not.

Ashley said...

These books are very cliche, I will agree with you they can be very disappointing, depending on how you look at them.

When I read the books, it's like they are cartoons. :) That's why I love them, because it's like reading a child's take on high school or adult problems. It's even written like it were by a pre-teen in any case, where certain things cause more drama than others which should be more important. I think the whole point of the books is that they're supposed to be cartoony, not necessarily realistic at all, and that's why I love them. <3

Anonymous said...

I love these books!!! I just started reading them today and wish i had, had the brain enough to look and see if the school library had any of the others. . . well i probly woulda had to see if there were others first. Wish i had school tomorrow!!! on monday the first thing i'm gona do is see if there are any more in the library.

Anonymous said...

You must be retarded to not like this seiries!!!!!!!!!!!!

Diana Dang said...

To anonymous comments:

It's my personal opinion if I like a certain series or not. You can love it and that's fine, I respect that. But the fact that you go out of your way to shoot me down because I don't like what you like, that I cannot respect.

This is MY blog, therefore MY opinions. Everyone have their likes and dislikes and should be allowed to speak their mind unless it's harming someone in some way. So please, take your hate somewhere else. Better yet, make a review on why you like it so much and spread your love for it to other readers. Don't be going around and giving rude comments anonymously.