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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Watching on Wednesday: Live Free or Die Hard

Title: Live Free or Die Hard
Type: Movie
Age Group: Teens +
Release Year: 2007
My Rating: 4/5

Many computer hackers across America are being targeted and killed. The new war age is coming.

Matthew Farrell (Justin Long) is a hacker, who nearly died if it wasn't for detective John McClane (Bruce Willis) who came to his place for an investigation. Running away from their pursuers, they learn that someone out there is infiltrating all the systems within America. They are messing up with the lights on the streets and turning off all electricities; they are causing a havoc among the American citizens.

Why are they targeting Farrell and what is their intention? Can Farrell and McClane fix everything before it is too late?

Live Free or Die Hard is very face-past movie with non-stop pure action. I enjoyed watching it because it kept going with little boring parts. I was reminded of a YA computer fiction I reviewed, Little Brother by Cory Doctorow. It was very interesting to see that if you knew the cyber world inside out, you could pretty much do anything because modern society is connected through a huge network force.

Long did his role very well as a jittery computer geek. Willis, well, he is his brusque and gun-wielding character. If you were to ever be in a zombie Apocalypse, you would want him to be your friend.

This is a movie for the guys and those who are interested in world domination with computers.

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