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Sunday, July 12, 2009

In My Mailbox - XXXII

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The Received

Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard

I didn't bother borrowing out new books this week because my TBR pile is huge. But I have a feeling I might get some new mangas from the library next week. But ugh, dreading summer school! (Physics gr. 12, homg and I'm failing).

I generally take pics for In My Mailboxes on my desk (or bed if there's a lot of books). But this time I decided to place this pic elsewhere. Can you guess?

MY NEW BOOKSHELF!! (Well, it will become one soon)

Yes!! I finally, finally have a real bookshelf!! Homg, I have been waiting for this day since grade three! So you must wonder where all of my books go then. They are everywhere in my room. It's a mess! Except for my mangas, they neatly are aligned on my only two shelvings which are attach to my bed. I can't wait until my dad puts it together later on today! Squee!!

Oh, and please join my Harry Potter contest! I have so little entries! Link above!

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Rebecca said...

I have Pretty Little Liars out from the library but haven't read it yet. Hope you enjoy it. Thats really cool that you got a new bookshelf.

Diana Dang said...

Thanks Rebecca >w<

Adele said...

Pretty Little Liars looks cute.

It's sometimes a huge relief when there is very little in the mail and you haven't borrowed anything. Means you get get atop your TBR (something I never feel like I am doing).

Happy reading Diana.

Diana Dang said...

Yes it is, but then you sorta wish you have more you know? Haha, thanks.

Callie said...

I loved Pretty Little Liars. Enjoy!!

Allison said...

Pretty Little Liars is great! Enjoy :)


Fantastic Book Review said...

I try not to buy books when I have a huge TBR list, but it's sooo hard! I've heard of Pretty Little Liars but I tend to pick fantasy/paranormal books. Enjoy!

prophecygirl said...

I really want to read PLL. I'm waiting for the boxset! Happy reading!

Diana Dang said...

Thanks guys >3<