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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Q4U: How long do you prefer a review to be? And what contents? + HBD to me!

Before I continue, I want to say...

Happy 17th Birthday to me! :D

By Nyralia
(My avatar on Gaiaonline. I used to be addicted to the site! Was an art addict too! But I have grown...)

Yaaaayyy! (I'm such a dork!) Haha, I will try not to care about my waistline and eat to my heart content today! o(*0*)o <-Knows she'll feel bad afterwards!

Originally, I was planning to host a giveaway in celebration of my birthday. But unfortunately, I really do not have the funds for it! (Money is money, no matter how much it is! Sucks with no job too...) So I apologize that there will be no giveaway this year for my birthday. Maybe I will try for Christmas? (But then I have to start funding for my friends' presents! Ack! Money, money, money!)

Anyway, I am starting this new little thing I came up with myself called Q4U (AKA: Question for you :] ) Intentionally, I wanted to use it to improve my blog because sometimes people just don't bother with surveys. But I guess I will use it for any other book/manga related questions (or something completely off-topic!). It's not like a regular meme. Just a question I want to ask others when I am dying for an answer from the majority about whatever that is bothering me. (Or maybe sometimes use it as a filler when my reviews get scarce?) Therefore, my Q4Us will be on random days!

Feel free to do your own Q4U too! I'm sure you want to ask your readers something! You can make it a regular meme for your blog if you'd like. :)

Anyway, this question has been bothering me for awhile and I really would like to hear you amazing readers' opinions on it:

What length do you prefer the reviews you read to be? And what should be in the review?

I tend to do a medium-sized review for whatever I've read or watched with my own personalized summary in the beginning. I would then try to talk about plot, characters, writing, and art (if applicable) if I could. Sometimes it may be short because I do not have a lot of opinion for it. While other times it can be long when I have a lot of things I want to say. I am curious on what you are inclined to read more. Something that is quick so you can continue on with your life or do you prefer something with great length with a lot of elaborations? Let me know in the comments below!

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Library Lounge Lizard said...

I've decided not too long, just long enough to let me know you liked it, or not and maybe a little about why but more than that and I just start skimming!

MissAttitude said...

Happy birthday!!!!!!!
I think short is generally better to keep people's attention, but then again my reviews aren't that short or if you're really interested in the book you may want a longer review.
Love the Q4U meme. I was just thinking of doing something like that so I may just do it as a Q4U :)

RKCharron said...

I love your artistic picture.
All the best,

Nina said...

Happy Bday!

Yan said...

Happy birthday!!! :D As for the question let me get back to you on that xD I feel like napping lol

Thao said...

Happy birthday to you Diana :D

As for the reviews, I think yours have everything i want to read about but I prefer them to be a little bit shorter.

cipherqueen said...

Happy Birthday! As for reviews, more than two pgs deters me slightly- but it all depends on the hook! Content-wise you're fine. Keep reading!

Kate said...

Happy Birthday!

Sadly, my reviews are always longer than I intend them to be. I am trying to make myself write shorter one, but it is not working too well.

When reading, I like them to be of middle length. I want enough so that I know if I will enjoy the book or not.

Jasmyn said...

First off...Happy Birthday!!!

Now on to your question. A think a review should be as long as it needs to. There are books you can sum up your thought on in just a few sentences and other times it takes quite a bit more.