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I receive review requests weekly. However, my personal schedule is hectic and I no longer review actively. (I also manage another blog called The Toronto Cafe and Food Blog). I do read every request sent but I apologize in advance that I do not reply to them all.

If I do take on a request, I will forewarn that it may take some time before I can review it. I am now looking to review adult fiction and self-help books instead of young adult fiction because I have grown out of it. If you are to request a review for either adult fiction or self-help, I will more likely to give it a shot.

In the meantime, Stop, Drop, and Read! serves as an archive book review blog. When I have the time, I may post a review. Thank you for understanding.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

5 more days until the blogoversary contests end!

Hey guys, just gonna do a quick update. The last day to join all of the fabulous contests I have above is September 30th. So if you have forgotten to join, join quick! Feel free to spread the word to friends and other book lovers also!

I think it may take maybe a month or so until I draw out the winners. Why? Well, during the beginning of the blogoversary, I was keeping track of the entrants on a spreadsheet. Then the computer caught viruses and shut down. xox I still don't have that computer because it is being fixed but I know the spreadsheet will be saved for me. Until the computer comes back, I won't be tallying up the entries. (I really have no time to redo what I have done so far, university and life is taking up most of my time). So I apologize for that in advance and please bear it with me until then.

Also, if you notice on the sidebar, I'm currently reading nothing! Gasp! I would be doing a "What Should I Read?" post but I don't have time to make way to do it. So if you guys want to see of a review of something, just let me know! If I have it, I will consider it. If not, then oh well! I have some new titles from Penguin and HarperCollins so feel free to take a stab at that. For manga readers, no worries, I have a couple of manga reviews coming up! I apologize for the delay in manga reviews!

Hopefully I will be able to update more frequently!

Everyday life in downtown Toronto for me as I attend university :)
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Fi-chan (Bookish-Escape) said...

It's okay, school is important :D Take your time!