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I receive review requests weekly. However, my personal schedule is hectic and I no longer review actively. (I also manage another blog called The Toronto Cafe and Food Blog). I do read every request sent but I apologize in advance that I do not reply to them all.

If I do take on a request, I will forewarn that it may take some time before I can review it. I am now looking to review adult fiction and self-help books instead of young adult fiction because I have grown out of it. If you are to request a review for either adult fiction or self-help, I will more likely to give it a shot.

In the meantime, Stop, Drop, and Read! serves as an archive book review blog. When I have the time, I may post a review. Thank you for understanding.

Monday, September 13, 2010

My Monday Mailbox & Music Machine (Sept 13/10)



Alice in the Country of Hearts vol. 1 by Hoshino Soumei and QuinRose

I promise I will try to have manga reviews up soon. ;-; So far the only ones in drafts are all YA novels. But I have finished a couple of mangas this week that I plan to review soon.

Music Machine

Title: A
Artist/Band: Rainbow
Language: Korean
My Thoughts: When Rainbow first debuted, I didn't think were were strong enough with the MV they decided to release, Gossip Girl. However, I changed my mind after listening to one of their latest songs, A. It is the kind of song you have to listen to over and over before you start to like it, haha.

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Eleni @ La Femme Readers said...

I like this one too - they are so pretty, right? :P

Taschima Cullen said...

I like the art, is it good?

Taschima Cullen said...

Have you ever read King of Thorn?

Diana Dang said...

@Eleni: Haha, they look all the same in the beginning xD

@Taschima: The art is actually pretty good! And no, haven't read King of Thorn. >< Sounds familiar tho