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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Middleworld by J&P Voelkel

Title: Middleworld
Author: J&P Voelkel
Age Group: Tweens
# of Pages: 415
My Rating: 5/5

Max Murphy cannot wait to go to Italy for summer vacation. But his plans are ruined when his archaeologist parents have to go to Central America for work. So he is stuck at home with his maid. Yippee.

Days passed by and he has heard nothing from his parents after they left for the trip. He finds out there is a plane ticket sent for him to go and meet them. When he gets there, his father's brother takes care of him. Max realizes that his uncle has no idea where his parents were and that they were temporarily missing.

Next thing Max knows is that he is swept away into a dangerous Mayan adventure with a girl named Lola where he seeks out his parents. Close to many death calls and meeting the Mayan gods themselves, this is a summer Max will never forget!

I brought this novel to the amusement park because I knew I needed something to occupy myself while waiting in the long lines during the summer. I generally have a hard time focusing if I'm not reading in a quiet place. But although there were people screaming, rides swooshing over my head, I was captivated by Middleworld 100%!

I find this to be a perfect read for all ages! Max is a character who is young and that anyone can love and relate to. He reminds me a bit of Harry Potter, being a normal kid at first who gets dragged into a world of magic and wonder. I absolutely love the environment he is in. There is quite a bit of a culture shock for the protagonist while he is San Xavier. It shows how ignorant some people are nowadays, especially being raised up in a developed society like America (no offense intended). But it is also a great way for Max to grow as a person once he experiences the Mayan culture without electronics and technology.
After reading this novel, I wanted to learn more about ancient cultures. I generally don't see a lot of Mayan history in books in comparison to the Greeks and Egyptians and I think that Middleworld does a fantastic job introducing that world to the readers. I highly recommend this novel!

Review copy provided by Goodman Media.

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