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Friday, November 27, 2009

Go Go Heaven!! by Keiko Yamada

Title: Go Go Heaven!!
Mangaka: Keiko Yamada
Age Group: Teens
Series is: Completed with 13 volumes
Volume(s) Reviewing: 1-2
My Rating: 2.5/5

Innocent Shirayuki's life has been cut short when an incoming truck accidentally kills her. Instead of dying, she is revived by the Prince of Hell! She will be able to live for 49 days before dying once more so she can resolve any unfinished business. The only catch is that the Prince of Hell will be beside her 24/7!

Go Go Heaven!! is a comedy manga that went a little too extreme for my taste, in terms of attempting to make everything funny.

When it comes to love at first sight, which is the reason why Prince revived Shirayuki, is something that can easily be a flop in some stories. I couldn't understand why Prince took such a great liking to Shirayuki, even though he pretty much know every single detail of her life because he has the power to do so. I was glad when Shirayuki brought this up in the third chapter of the first volume when they were caught up in a tight situation and she was frustrated at the Prince for his stupidity.

I disliked how over the top the mangaka went with her story. All the things the characters did were unbelievable and dumb. For example, right after Shirayuki was brought back to life, the Prince managed to get the Director position at her school. What made this strange was that fact that he was in kid form and he had his vampire cape getup on the whole time. In what way could this be taken seriously in real life? Most of the chapters were like that, with a lot of out-of-control humour attempts.

The Prince is in his kid form most of the time and has a very impulsive personality. He does change into his older form a little later within the second volume and that was the only thing I looked forward to in the series. The way the second volume ended, I expected the series to have wrapped up. Apparently this was not the case, seeing that the series is 13 volumes long. As a reader, I wonder what the mangaka could possibly come up with for the following volumes with the way everything is going for the first two volumes.

The art is very old-school manga but would be considered one of the better series of its time. What really distracted me was sometimes a page would be completely cluttered and I couldn't tell what was going on in a certain panel. The transitions would be messy once in awhile and just annoying to follow.

Go Go Heaven!! is a series that may be a little hard to grasp but if one has nothing else better to do, it could be read.

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