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Friday, November 13, 2009

Jack Frost by JinHo Ko

Title: Jack Frost
Mangaka: JinHo Ko
Age Group: Older Teens
Series is: Ongoing with 3 volumes
Volume(s) Reviewing: 1
My Rating: 3/5

First day at a new school, Noh-A Joo loses her head --- literally. Except, she is not dead.

At Amityville Private High School, the students there are not what they seem. Demons and other dangerous paranormal beings fight against each other from different districts for power. Noh-A realizes that she is trapped amongst this chaos and is stuck with one of the most terrifying being possible, Jack Frost!

I remembered reading a couple of chapters of Jack Frost when the Yen Press magazine was first published. It is definitely a somewhat confusing series.

Apparently, Noh-A is dead and being at Amityville is where those who are rejected from complete death go to, along with other supernatural creatures. The story with Noh-A is a still a little unclear within the first volume. Like, why did she die? Is her world normal or is more of an alternate universe? What is the purpose of her landing at Amityville? Such questions were not covered but there were a couple of pages that hinted on Noh-A's past.

Jack is also a peculiar character but since he is a demon, I wasn't too curious about him since he is in the right environment where he belongs rather than Noh-A. The character Helmina, who is almost like the boss of Jack, reminded me of Integra from Hellsing in terms of looks. Except the difference between her and Integra is that she likes to show off more skin and has an evil aura to her.

There is a lot of action, most of which involves Jack fighting against other beings with plenty of severed body parts. A few comedic scenes with Noh-A in perverted situations do make the manga a lighter read. I find the manga to be a bit all over the place though. I think I would need to read a couple of more volumes, in hope that some of my questions would be cleared up.

The art is definitely shonen-ish. A lot of inking was used to generate the dark atmosphere and make the scenes more intense. The females are drawn with voluptuous figures (asides Noh-A) which would appeal to the male audience while the guys are along the cool and creepy. Although Jack Frost is a Korean manhwa, the art actually got me to keep thinking it was Japanese instead.

I recommend Jack Frost to shonen fans who are into series such as Samurai Deeper Kyo or Hellsing.

Won copy from
Tiamat's Manga Reviews.

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