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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Trailer Tuesday: The Hunchback Assignments by Arthur Slade

Title: The Hunchback Assignments
Author: Arthur Slade
Description: A gripping new series combines Steampunk, spying, and a fantastic Victorian London.

The mysterious Mr. Socrates rescues Modo, a child in a traveling freak show. Modo is a hunchback with an amazing ability to transform his appearance, and Mr. Socrates raises him in isolation as an agent for the Permanent Association, a spy agency behind Brittania’s efforts to rule the empire. At 14, Modo is left on the streets of London to fend for himself. When he encounters Octavia Milkweed, another Association agent, the two uncover a plot by the Clockword Guild behind the murders of important men. Furthermore, a mad scientist is turning orphan children into automatons to further the goals of the Guild. Modo and Octavia journey deep into the tunnels under London and discover a terrifying plot against the British government. It’s up to them to save their country.

I think this series target a slightly younger audience than the general YA fiction audience but it still sounds amazing! Like, steampunk? Not seen very often!

I have seen piles of The Hunchback Assignments at Costco last month and I was like, "Homg, the author added me on Twitter not too long ago!" Haha!

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1 comment:

wdebo said...

Ooo that was an awesome trailer...haha it had that wannabe-movie-trailer going on haha...kinda chessy...but good! :)

Hm, the book sounds pretty good, but not something I think is my cup of tea though.

And isn't it always awesome to see books by authors that follow you on Twitter and just makes you go "OMG that's one of my tweet followers!!"