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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Official xxxHolic Guide by CLAMP

Title: The Official xxxHolic Guide
Mangaka: CLAMP
Age Group: Teens
Series is: Completed with 1 volume
Volume(s) Reviewing: 1
My Rating: 4/5

Over 200 pages of xxxHolic goodness, fans can immersed themselves into the mysterious and paranormal world of this popular manga series further through the official guide.

In the first few pages, readers get to admire full-coloured pages starring Yuko, Watanuki, and Domeki. CLAMP gives striking and bold colours to their characters along with gorgeous designs with a European and Oriental feel.

After, you get sections such as the characters' profile and a tour around the different settings where the stories in the manga took place at. One of the main sections was where the different phenomenons that occurred within about the first ten volumes are dissected and observed. You will also find some fun stuff such as a quick quiz to see which magical treasure you are compatible with and some earlier character sketches!

My favourite sections of this guide would have to be Yuko's Wardrobe and Yuko's Best Quotes. I am a very visual person so to see all of the gorgeous outfits Yuko wore throughout the series collected into one is very pleasing; her clothes are to die for! Her quotes are always so insightful; they make you pause and think about them. For example, "Quitting something and doing something both have the same meaning. They are accomplishments." Now isn't that food for thought?

For those who adore xxxHolic, I definitely recommend The Official xxxHolic Guide. However, you should at least cover the first ten volumes (I am estimating since I do not own the series myself) before reading the guide. That way there wouldn't be any new content that would appear in which you have not covered yet in the manga series.

Review copy provided by
Del Rey.

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hi i love your blog and i have not read this book yet but i thank i will read the 1st one i love clamp he is one of my favorites

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