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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wake by Lisa McMann

Title: Wake
Lisa McMann
Age Group:
# of Pages: 210
My Rating:

Janie has an unexplainable ability where she gets sucked into people's dreams. She is tired of seeing people's dreams where they are either sex-crazed or naked in front of a crowd. Until she witnesses one that terrifies her to death. One that will have a significant impact on her...

As you probably know, Wake is one of the bestselling YA titles out there. When I picked it up, I had no doubts in my purchase. Except now it seems that if I set the bar too high for a novel, they always seem to fall below it.

Wake is written in a quick third person narrative where instead of chapters, you are given the time the event is occurring. I usually skipped over the time and date because it was much easier. However it got me lost because it might skipped over a week and I would not notice it if I didn't check back. What gave me a hard time liking this novel was how quickly everything flew by. The writing was so short and right to the point that sometimes it was just hard to connect with Janie or any of the characters.

From what I read of the summary, I expected a deep and dark paranormal plot to ensue. Instead, there was none. The story wasn't as climactic as I hoped it would be but along the lines of "meh, could do better". However, this was indeed a fast read with an interesting idea. I just wished that the writing was elaborated on and something bigger could have been created using the idea of Janie's ability.

I recommend Wake to anyone who would like to see something a little different in the normal world. Today is the last day to read your free ebook version of Wake. Click here for info.

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