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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Watching on Wednesday: Forget Me Not

Title: Forget Me Not
Type: Movie
Age Group: Older Teens
Release Year: 2009
My Rating: 4/5

Sandy Channing (Carly Schroeder) and her friends can be considered the "perfect American teens". Their lives are about the pool parties and the beautiful people with sex to top it off. During the weekend where they should be celebrating their graduation, Sandy realizes that her friends are disappearing one by one. No one appears to remember them except for her, like they have been erased from existence.

Haunted and cursed by her past, Sandy must find a way to stop it before it is all too late.

I never heard of this movie before scanning for something to watch online. The only reason why I clicked on it was because when I saw the mini-version of the poster, the girl looked Asian. Well, as you can clearly see she is not but I decided to give the movie a shot anyway because people were giving it good ratings.

The movie instantly hooked me until the end where there were times where I had to cover my face. It was not outright scary, but it did have its moments where you would jump a little in your seat (if you're the type to get scared easily). It made you curious why the characters were being sought after by an evil ghost. Eventually, the secret was unravelled as Sandy's memories were revealed.

What bothered me was the ending and the overall concept of why the characters were killed. I personally found the grudge to be a little extreme, although what the characters did in the past was wrong of them. They were children at the time so they didn't know any better. It just irked me so much that they were disappearing because of what they did (which is not as bad as it seems if you think about it).

I recommend this movie to anyone who wants a quick scare that is based around teen characters. For those who have seen the movie, what is your opinion on it?

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Lea said...

Looks pretty freaky! I'll have to watch it later tonight

Book Monster said...

I have seen the trailer for this numerous time, but maybe it's just me but I find the acting in it a bit cheesy. Based off the trailer.
Someday I'll sit down and watch it because it has 2 actors in it that I like.

Diana Dang said...

Really? Haha, I've never thought the acting was cheesy actually oO I didn't know any of the actors in the movie before this xD