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Friday, December 18, 2009

Q4U: What book are you wanting/giving for the holidays?

Q4U (Question 4 U) is a random meme hosted at Stop, Drop, and Read! that appears on random days. A question is asked, where it could range from getting feedbacks for the blog to a start of a fun topic!

The holidays are fast approaching! As an avid reader, I am sure that you either want a book or will give a book as a gift. So...

What book are you wanting/giving for the holidays?

I actually just gave a friend The Dust of 100 Dogs earlier for Secret Santa and I hope she enjoys it as much as I did. I am planning to buy two more books, one for my younger sister and another to my cousin but we'll see what I'll come across when I shop over the weekend.

I actually don't have a book I am desperate for right now actually. Well, ones that are already out. The only novel I wanted before for the longest time was What I Wore to Save the World by Maryrose Wood but received it to review not too long ago.

If you are stuck on some book ideas, here are a few that pops out that I recommend for the holiday season:

Ballads of Suburbia by Stephanie Kuehnert

The Dust of 100 Dogs by A.S. King
I Know It's Over by C.K. Kelly Martin
Eon: Dragoneye Reborn by Alison Goodman (No review yet)

Did anyone get any books in advance? If so, what are they? :) For me, no books yet but I have a feeling I might not be getting any this Christmas lol.

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Alyssa said...

Actually, like you I don't have books I'm particularly dying for right now. Most of the ones I really, really, really want still don't come out for another few months. I guess I've been really lucky so far that most of the books that are squee worthy I've gotten my hands on by now.

Of course, there ARE books I want for Christmas, just because there's always at least one (usually more) that I want. :)

Emma said...

I am going to have a fit if I don't get Beautiful Creatures for Christmas.

Diana Dang said...

@Alyssa: Yes, there are books I want, but nothing I would freak over if I don't get them for Christmas. xD

@Emma: Lol, did you let your family and friends know? XD

Kristen said...

Dying for Archenemy by Frank Beddor and Peter & Max by Bill Willingham myself.

I did do 3 secret santas, so I got some books I've been dying to read! Dani Noir, Silver Phoenix, and Leviathan. :) It's nice to open presents early. I'm hoping my family will look at my list this year and hopefully buy off of it.. (there's a lot of wanted books on there). Of course, they tend to ignore the list they spend a month begging off of me.

Diana Dang said...

Those sounds like pretty good novels you've got there! I still have to read Silver Phoenix so hopefully I will get around to it soon. >w< Enjoy your gifts!

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