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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Artist Arthur: Show up and participate

Artist Arthur, Author of the Mystyx series


For ten years you’ve done nothing but fantasize about this moment in time. I say ten because kindergarten and first grade you’re still too young and excited about doing something other than sitting in the house or daycare all day to realize what you’re getting into. So you’ve gone through elementary with the huge crayons and recess, migrated on to middle school with your first social cliques and changing clothes in a room full of girls for P.E. and then ventured into the pre-adult emotional rollercoaster otherwise known as high school. All the while there was an adult, a teacher, there every day telling you to just show up and participate and all would be well. What in the world were they talking about?

Well, doesn’t matter because now you’re finished!

Yaaaayyy!!! Party like a rock star for about a week and then you’ll wake up one day and wonder, what now?

If you’re like me you spent the last ten years just trying to make it through to the next day, making future plans wasn’t really high on your priority list. And your parents, what the heck happened to them? Why aren’t they smiling at you in the morning asking if you’ve had breakfast anymore? Welcome to life after school!

I remember enrolling for college and thinking, “Ugh, didn’t I just finish with school.” I wasn’t eager to sit in another classroom and yet, I wasn’t in the mood to party anymore. I just generally didn’t know what to make of this new stage in life. The years following are sort of a blur to me now, but what I carry with me everyday is the fact that I am not now who I was then. Sounds way too philosophical right? I know, that comes with age too. LOL But what I’m trying to say is take the time to grow up. As with those twelve years of school you found out who you were and the limits you had during that time. Now there’s an entirely new landscape in front of you, how you navigate it is going to be tricky. There’s no textbook and not a lot of guidance that you’ll be willing to receive at the moment. But if you’re lucky you’ve learned something about yourself in your last twelve years and that’s what will mold you in the years to come.

Life after high school can be exhilarating, scary, uncertain and sometimes candidly cruel, but there’s gold at the end of the rainbow. Happily ever after is attainable. You just have to show and participate to get there.


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There are definitely points in college where it feels like school just keeps on going.

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I'm back in school many years later! Learning never ends.

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