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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cherry Cheva: 3 quick questions

Cherry Cheva, Author of She's So Money and Duplikate

1. High school is over! Your advice?

ENJOY COLLEGE! Assuming you're going, college is the only time you're ever going to have all the freedom of being an adult with basically none of the responsibility. That's simplifying things a bit, but, if you skip class, who cares, nothing's gonna happen, but if you skip work, you get fired. Also, right now you're still young enough to stay up all night and not be a completely nonfunctional wreck the next day, so enjoy that while it lasts. :)

2. Best post-secondary memory?

Like, my best memory of the summer after high school? That summer is a blur! Probably something having to do with hanging out with all my friends before we all started college.

3. Worst post-secondary memory?

See previous answer about blur. :) I feel like it was really fun and not negative at all, although there was definitely this, like, nostalgia feeling, like "oh I'm so sad that all this is over." I mean, high school sucks, but it was still a bummer to know that we were all about to leave all our friends, especially NOT knowing yet how much fun I'd be having just a few short months later.


Click the titles to see my review for She's So Money and Duplikate. Both a great and light novels with very real protagonists!

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