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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Perfect by Sara Shepard

Title: Perfect
Author: Sara Shepard
Age Group: Teens
# of Pages: 298
My Rating: 4/5

Continuing from the second novel in the Pretty Little Liars series, the girls are in trouble...yet again. Hanna is chasing after Mona, trying to win her best friend back. Except things keep screwing up. Spencer who uses her older sister's paper back in high school as her own for class ends up being nominated for a prestigious award. Could she take it back before she wins it? Emily ends up being exposed to the world about her sexuality by A and she is ashamed. She must do a program that will "fix" her, but will it work? And Aria can not suppress her feelings for Ezra, even with a great boyfriend at hand.

Once again, Sara Shepard brings another gripping continuation in the Pretty Little Liars series. What I am glad most about this novel is the fact that it wasn't intense with drama compared to the last two. Yes, things still happened but it wasn't too insane. It agitates me to know that I am far from finishing. I really don't want to go through so many volumes just to figure out the ending.

I have to say, I actually have a favourite part in this novel. [POSSIBLE SPOILERS] When Hanna ends up being ditched by Mona, a classmate named Lucas steps in to be by her side while everyone else laugh at her downfall in popularity. In this one scene, he takes her to go on this hot air balloon ride. She ends up telling him what was going on and there is just so much peace and relief in the scenery that I couldn't help but love it. [SPOILERS END] I didn't have a favourite character up until now, which turns out to be Hanna. Even though she puts on that bitchy facade, she is still that insecure girl from many years ago. I just hope she completely sheds the fake layer of hers or I think I would be really peeved.

I wonder what will happen next...?

Review copy provided by HarperCollins Canada.

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