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Monday, August 9, 2010

Kimberly Pauley: ..Perfectly okay

Kimberly Pauley, Author of the Sucks to Be Me series

So, I’ve been wondering what to say about the whole post-high school thing. Like most teenagers, I was beyond ready to get out of high school. Sure, there were lots of people that tell you that high school is the best time of your life. Then there are the people who tell you that high school is the worst time of your life. Then there are the people who tell you that college is the best time of your life. Or the worst.

Well, I’m here to tell you that that’s all a bunch of hooey.

There are moments at all times of our lives that are the best and the worst. Some of which are, of course, during high school and also after it. The key is to just make the most out of your time, no matter what stage of life you’re in.

Because even if it’s bad? The absolute worst moments? They will pass and someday, they’ll make a screamingly funny story to tell your kids or your friends. Trust me.

Except, you know, that time your pants caught on the door handle while you were doing that campus tour and ripped all the way down the middle and you decided you needed to go to a different college where people didn’t know what color your underwear were.

No, wait, that’s pretty funny too.

But none of that’s really talking about what Diana asked me to talk about, not exactly. What is life like after high school?

Well, a lot of stuff is the same. You’ll still get confused and befuddled. You’ll still be right (some of the time) and wrong (a lot). You’ll still fall in love, fall out of love, work hard, slack off…

The biggest difference? The fact that you’re starting on the portion of your life where you’re expected to be in control. Or to start taking control.

But let me tell you another secret.

Even when you become an “adult” and have a responsible job and possibly a kid or two of your own, and you pay your taxes every year and mow your lawn and all of those things? Part of you will still be going “Whoa. Dude. I don’t know what I’m doing! Why are all these people looking at me like I’m an adult??”

And that’s perfectly okay.

Kimberly Pauley


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Sucks to Be Me and Still Sucks To Be Me. First series to have captured my attention online when I first started getting into book blogging. Fun and awesome series!

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Lauren said...

Great guest blog/giveaway. Sucks to Be Me looks great.

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Autumn said...

Looks like a good book! Thanks for having a giveaway :)

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Yan said...

I'm still at the part where I'm waiting for the stories of high school/middle school to be funny xD Right now it's still embarrassing and awkward.

I'm an old reader, but new follower? Well I've always been a Google subscriber, but a Google follower since last week? Um gonna shut up now lol


Katelyn said...

Thanks for the contest, great books!
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Haku said...

I'd like to enter, great giveaway! thanks

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Bunny B said...

Yeah, it's true.. being an "adult" still does feel like a kid most of the times!

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Jade said...

I love Sucks To Be Me! And your name and post. I was so captivated that I actually had to re-read to believe it. A giveaway! Yay to you :) I have my fingers crossed.

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Stephanie said...

I'd love to win this book.

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EVA SB said...

Great book!

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Please enter me

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Sounds great. Thanks for the chance!

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wanting to read this!
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misha1989 said...

Great post!

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GMR said...

Great post! Certainly words to live by...and get by on. It's true though...the worst of the worst will still eventually pass.

This one has been on my "need to read" list for a while....count me in!

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Happy reading!


The Itzel Library said...

Yay! Count me!!

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Liviania said...

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I'm 21, so there's no way I'm not an adult now. I've paid taxes for three years, live in my own apartment, cook my own meals, and have a job. I graduate in a matter of months.

Yet I still find myself thinking I'm a teenager.

deltay said...

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Happy Blogoversary!


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Elfself said...

I absolutely LOVE this book!! I have read book and am in love. Some of my favorite books.

Elfself said...

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Laina said...

Ohh, I want to read Sucks To Be Me.

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Laina said...

Uh... I lost my connection as I sent my comment, so I'm not sure if it went through. If it did, just delete this one. If not, here it is again:

Ohh, I want to read Sucks To Be Me.

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francis leonela said...

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Maddie M. said...

Great giveaway, i cant wait to read the book.. (:
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Sharli said...

I'm deffinitely trying to live by the motto "make the most out of you time." Thank you for that great post!

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Kulsuma said...

Great post! This book looks fantastic.

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