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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Solitary by Alexander Gordon Smith

Title: Solitary
Author: Alexander Gordon Smith
Age Group: Teens
# of Pages: 272
My Rating: 4/5

Note: Spoilers for those who haven't read the first volume, Lockdown, yet.

From the previous novel, Alex manages to blow a hole in one of the Furnace's walls. Soon, he will escape from the prison of hell. Except only to find there are more horrors that await him in the darkness.

If you have read my review for the first novel, Lockdown, you can assume that I was excited to try out the sequel. After being left at a cliffhanger, I was dying to know what was going to happen next.

However, this being a trilogy, the protagonist wasn't allowed an easy and sweet escape that early. Instead, he and his fellow inmates that were trying to get out with him were caught. Alex and his friend Zee were shoved into a hole where they were going to be locked up in the dark for a month. With Alex being stuck there for most of the time, the plot definitely slowed down from the first volume. There was just so much that one could do when one couldn't do anything at all! Luckily, the author didn't leave his character sitting around all day, which was good. However, I didn't feel the same excitement I had for Lockdown. There was a lot more freaky drama and tension, whereas this volume focused a lot more on escaping. There was an introduction to a likely plot twist because there was a new anonymous character introduced.

I was glad that Alex was not the one to give up. Even though he wasn't a good kid, he sure didn't deserve to be in the Furnace. I want to check out the last volume to see what will happen in the end. I cross my fingers for him.

Review copy provided by Macmillan Children's Publishing Group.
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