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Monday, February 21, 2011

Wild @ Heart by Natsumi Ando

Title: Wild @ Heart
Mangaka: Natsumi Ando
Age Group: Youth
Series is: Completed with 3 volumes
Volume(s) Reviewing: 1-3
My Rating: 2/5

Chino's father is an explorer who one day brought back a boy named Hyo from the jungle. Chino is shocked and doesn't like the idea of having a strange boy in her house at all! But things start to change when she spends more time with Hyo...

I generally like Natsumi Ando's works, but Wild @ Heart had me giving it a second thought.

You have this protagonist who hopes to one day fall in love and then out of nowhere, a cute guy starts living with her! From this, you can sort of see where the story is going. Unfortunately, it wasn't executed any better than it could have from an extremely cliche plot. The characters were dull, the plot was as bland as plain yogurt, and it didn't help that Ando's art style falls under the typical big-eyed shojo category. I barely remember what had happened in the series, in which Del Rey combined all 3 volumes in one.

I am so disappointed because I know the mangaka can do so much better than that. Some of her other series, like Arisa and Zodiac P.I., were done very well. I think she tried to do something different in Wild @ Heart by getting away from her usual mysteries. However, she fell short in her love story because there were a lack of sustenance.

This series isn't worth investing in. You can read it from the library first to get a sample before you buy if you want to.

Review copy provided by Del Rey.
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Kirthi said...

I agree! I hate the big eyed shojou type ^_^

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

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