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Friday, September 11, 2009

Castration Celebration by Jake Wizner

Title: Castration Celebration
Author: Jake Wizner
Age Group: Older Teens
# of Pages: 304
My Rating: 2.5/5

What happens when a girl and a boy runs into each other at the Yale's summer arts camp?

Acting king Max pursues musical scriptwriter Olivia for her affections. For some reason he is drawn to her and she to him secretly. Will he be able to win her over when he is a guy that likes to pick up girls?

Castration Celebration: Prepare for another High School Musical, but with a very, very dirty mind.

Really, I don't think I have read a young adult book that had so much... explicit content. Surprisingly, there were no sex scenes but had plenty of "talking", if you get what I mean.

Throughout the novel, Olivia makes her own little musical with the main characters named Jane and Dick. The characters somewhat represent herself and Max but with a lot of singing about inappropriate topics. As one probably know, scriptwriting is pure dialogue. And unfortunately, it is like that throughout the entire novel even when you are not reading the musical. You don't get a lot of feelings from any of characters because their actions are so brief. Therefore, it's really hard to relate to this book. It is also bore to only read what the characters are saying and barely doing anything.

I felt that the relationship between Olivia and Max was completely forced. Right after they met for the first time, they started liking each other. It is completely unrealistic considering that falling over another person's suitcase can cause all of this hassle. Maybe a brief thought of how good the other person looks is reasonable, but to start developing feelings?

Overall, the novel fell short for me. If you were to throw together a bunch of dirty-minded teens into a room, you will get Castration Celebration. But it's a great time-killer where you don't have to think a lot while reading.

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Thao said...

I heard that the book was fun, and seemed like there was nothing more to it. Thanks for the review ^^

Diana Dang said...

You're welcome :)