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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Watching on Wednesday: Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Title: Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
Type: Movie
Age Group: Older Teens +
Release Year: 2009
My Rating: 4/5

Connor Mead (Matthew McConaughey) is a handsome middle-age womanizer who thinks that marriage is a load of bull. He uses women like tissues but they continuously flock him, thinking that he loves them.

When his younger brother invites him to his wedding, he attends it but still is against the idea of two people reuniting. There, Connor encounters an old flame, Jenny (Jennifer Garner). She holds a grudge against him for quite a long time and seeing that he hasn't changed, she won't be changing her opinion on him anytime soon.

Then out of nowhere, he gets visited by his deceased Uncle Wayne (Michael Douglas), a man who once had his ways with the ladies. He tells his nephew that three ghosts (one for past, present, and future) are going to visit him later on. They will reveal to him something far more valuable than living in a world of meaningless flings.

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past is a pleasant movie. There were a couple of times where I wanted to just skip over it but it held my attention good enough for me to finish it.

Connor is an interesting character. You learn why he became the person he is when you delved into the past. It's pretty obvious he grows up towards the end, which is the point of his ghostly lessons. Jenny has a huge impact on him but I am disappointed that it is more focused on Connor rather than the two together throughout the film. (I really think Jennifer Garner should stop being in chick flicks. I don't think she has that much of a presence anymore since 13 Going on 30.)

The plot has its light moments but when Connor is with his ghost, you can't help but pity him sometimes. I nearly cried in a couple of scenes, especially for when he sees his own future. It reminded me of a Disney film that is based off of Ghost of Christmas Past, which made me equally sad in a certain part. (Due to the times that got me tear-jerky, I upped the rating.)

I think this movie will appeal to women in their late twenties and thirties a lot more than the younger audience. It's a sweet movie but sometimes it doesn't have that spark that makes you go, "Yes, this is definitely the best movie of the year!". Great to watch when you're in the mood, but likely not the kind you will always think back to.

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Sara said...

I watched this a few days ago (my bf works at a movie store) and I didn't really care for it. I love Jennifer Garner... and I like Matthew McConaughey in How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days, but this movie didn't hold my attention that well. :(

Cindy said...

Hmmm! This is sitten at my house now from netflix! I'm going to watch it tonight, along with Crank 2 and Wolverine! We'll see if I Like it!

The Book Resort said...

I can't wait to watch this either.


Thao said...

I watched it a few months ago. It was nice but I did expect more. Jennifer Garner's role wasn't anything impressive I have to say. She didn't have many scenes either : (

Diana Dang said...

Disappointly yea :(