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Sunday, September 13, 2009

In My Mailbox - XXXVIII

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Running on the Cracks by Julia Donaldson

Since I have only got one novel this week, I decided to not take a picture (mainly because I'm lazy...).

I have received an email from Jessica of Here is something that you bloggers may be interested in if you are the type to get deals on books.

"All across the nation, many Friends of the Library organizations hold book sales that feature cheap books that were either donated or removed from circulation. Typically these sales sell books, CDs, magazines, and DvD's for rock bottom prices. A typical sale will sell most of their items for under 3 dollars.

Being charity organizations, these Friends of the Library organizations often have limited resources to advertise and promote their sales. As such, many people are never made aware of the excellent deals they are missing within their own communities. That's where comes ins. We are attempting to bridge the gap between Organizations looking to more effectively advertise their sale, and people looking to find more places to get good deals on books and media.

Friends of the Library organizations and other non-profit groups can freely advertise their sale on our site. Our site currently has 2500 active listings, and we have been adding over 100 everyday.

People looking to find sales can use our powerful search tools to find these sales. They can search by state, zip code, sale size, and date ranged. Furthermore, people can create an account and save sales to their calendar to help them better track the sales they want to go to. You can also sign up for notifications to be emailed when a new sale in your area is listed, or a reminder email a few days before the sales on your calendar so you don’t ever miss a sale you want to attend."

Sounds pretty cool huh? If you want to check it out, go to!

There's also a James Patterson contest over Temppatt if you want to check it out! (Like, this contest is seriously everywhere!)

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austenfan said...

I only got one book this week too. Hope you enjoy yours. :)

Color Online said...

Check out our New Crayons. Add your link.

Happy reading.

Jill of The O.W.L Blog said...

I only got one book too. But I think it's a good one.

I got the same email. When I looked up sales around me there was like 10! I'm so excited that I know about them. Cheap books = happiness :)