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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Violet By Design by Melissa Walker

Title: Violet By Design
Author: Melissa Walker
Age Group: Older Teens
# of Pages: 215
My Rating: 2.5/5

Violet originally planned to stop modelling. Until she got offered to do a show in Brazil. Hmm, a free trip to Brazil just to do a runway? Maybe she'll continue staying in this business after all.

In Brazil, she meets the hot and young designer, Paulo. They instantly hit it off right away. Violet is sure that he is for her. Until she catches him in bed with another model.

So with her foreign romance down the drain, Violet has to get over Paulo big time. In the meanwhile, she tries to understand what she really wants. To be back with her old life? Or continue on in the world of high fashion and scandal? What about when her best friend, Roger, comes into her life... much more than a friend?

I was much more disappointed in the sequel of Violet on the Runway. Violet's actions irked me. There were times where I wanted to hit her because I couldn't stand her obliviousness. And the way she acted sometimes irritated me. She was the biggest problem for me in this novel.

I did not like the relationship between Paulo and Violet at all. There was absolutely no chemistry but for some reason she was addicted to this guy. It was no doubt that he was going to be sticking his tongue down someone else's throat behind her back. What to expect? It's the catty world of fame and money. And to see Violet so stupidly think that nothing bad would happen in their relationship was the most nerve-wracking thing of all!

The only character I supported and liked throughout the novel was Veronica. She used to be Violet's enemy but they bonded at the end of the first book. Whenever Veronica warned Violet, Violet would dismiss it all and I wanted to scream at her, "Listen to her! She is more experienced than you for chrissake!"

The plot line was very broad. A bit similar to Violet on the Runway where Violet tried to find herself except this time she's doing it in foreign countries. I wasn't impressed because I was hoping for something new.

Overall, Violet By Design is a quick read but will be a disappointment to those picking it up from the last volume of the series.

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elnice said...

I'm not sure this will make it to my wishlist. How many are in the series?

Diana Dang said...

There are 3 altogether. But if you like modeling stories, then you may like this one. It's really depends on one's taste. Check out other reviews if you are unsure because many like it.

Thao said...

Oh no, I expected it to be so much cooler T.T Now I'm so uncertain.

Diana Dang said...

Haha, don't judge base on only one reivew! >3<

wdebo said...

Hm, I really need to read the Violet series tho!! Violet on the Runway is the first?

Diana Dang said...