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Friday, January 22, 2010

Author Interview: Heather Beck

Heather Beck is a Canadian author who writes stories for all ages. Today, I had a chance to interview her. If you would like to learn about her or her books, visit

What age group do you say you enjoy writing for the most?

That’s a hard question to answer because I really enjoy writing for all ages. When I write for kids the most important aspects are fantastical plots and characters. For young adults, I’m more concerned about the style of my writing and creating relatable characters. When I write for adults, I’m interested in portraying emancipation almost always physically but sometimes even mentally.

What are your favourite genres to write about?

I love writing literary coming-of-age fiction for young adults that pushes the boundaries of genre expectation. I also love to write multifaceted romances. However, right now my favourite genre is scary stories for kids. These stories, which are filled with creepy characters and many plots twists, are actually appropriate for all ages. They are even in development for the small screen!

What kind of stories or genres do you still have yet to try out?

I want to write an epic historical romance that takes place in an exotic location. It would be a tale of forbidden love and ultimate dangers.

I’d also love to write a wilderness adventure rooted within the man vs. nature theme. Jack London’s work, as well as my love for nature, inspires my interest in this genre.

Do you have any authors that had inspired you?

As I’ve mentioned, Jack London is an inspiration to me. Concerned with surviving in nature, his raw and empowering work explores a theme that has always intrigued me.

I also greatly appreciate Tennessee Williams’ plays. His forthright honesty about the human condition first piqued my interests when I was fifteen and still does to this day.

What are your favourite books?

My favourite books are, not surprisingly, anything by Jack London and Tennessee Williams. I also like John Milton’s Paradise Lost. It’s a dream of mine to adapt Milton’s epic for the big screen.

Are you currently writing any projects or have any books releasing soon? If so, can you please give a brief description about it?

Haunted is my latest anthology of scary stories for kids and will be released this summer. Below are the descriptions of the stories which comprise this unique collection.

Ghost Park

Chase discovers a century-old playground in the woods that’s occupied by a group of pale children who say very odd things and take an unnatural interest in her.

A Haunting Past

Truce’s class trip to an old native reserve turns deadly when Bear, an infamous chief who died two hundred years ago, blames him for the tribe’s extinction.

The Manor

Upon The Rocks
Grey, damp, and situated on top of a steep hill surrounded by jagged rocks, Calla Lily’s new home isn’t only unpleasant, it’s also haunted by the world’s most evil boy.

A Medieval Nightmare

When Ellie and Brandon get trapped in a medieval museum that’s a bit too real, they fall under a spell and become pivotal players in a ghostly regime.

A Watery Grave

A camping trip becomes a heart-pounding race for survival when Justine meets a ghost who’s determined to change her ill fate by trading bodies with a living entity.

Lastly, please tell us an interesting fact about yourself that most don't know about!

Readers may not know about my desire for travelling. I’ve been to different places in North America and even Europe. However, I fantasize about visiting Egypt and seeing the pyramids. I’d also love to visit Hawaii and Australia.

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Book Monster said...

Never heard of her, will have to check out her books!! Great interview!!

RKCharron said...

Hi :)
Thank you for the interview with Heather Beck and thank you to Heather for sharing here today. I enjoyed discovering a new (to me) author!