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Friday, January 15, 2010

The Recipe of Gertrude by Nari Kusakawa

Title: The Recipe of Gertrude
Mangaka: Nari Kusakawa
Age Group: Youth
Series is: Completed with 5 volumes
Volume(s) Reviewing: 1-2
My Rating: 3/5

Creating a demon is not so hard. All you need is a recipe!

Gertrude is a demon who is created by parts of other demons. He wants to find the recipe that had created him long ago. He unexpectedly encounters a human girl named Sahara who decides to help him.

Along the way, they befriend a couple of other demons that lost a body part into creating Gertrude and discover a location they would never expect to find the recipe.

I thought the story idea is interesting, different from most demon stories I've seen in manga. However, I found the plot to be a bit lax; although there is some action and quite a bit had happened within the first two volumes. Maybe it is just the mangaka's style but I found it "fluffy". I really can't find another word to describe it! I assume it is so because the series is for all ages, which is why the action is not intense.

I have to say I like the two demons that hangs with Sahara and Gertrude, Puppen and Mariotte. I think their character designs are very cute because they look more like giant plushies instead of demons. Gertrude and Sahara are alright. I don't have much to say about them except I don't find them standing out at all, considering them as the main characters.

There is a bonus story at the end of volume two called The Tryst. I found it much more memorable rather than the main story of The Recipe for Gertrude because its very sad and sweet.

I recommend The Recipe of Gertrude to the younger audience. I didn't enjoy it so much but my younger sister who is ten really likes it. I think it will appeal to youth much more rather than the older audience.

Review copy of vol. 2 provided by CMX.

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Jenn (Books At Midnight) said...

Great review! I go through occassional managa addiction phases (aka reading manga on the screen until me eyes hurt), but I hadn't heard of this one. The art does seem a little too young for an older audience, though I agree, it looks like something my little sister might enjoy. Thankfully, she's graduated from Tokyo Mew Mew though, lol. ;)

Book Monster said...

Awesome Review!!! The cover looks neat and the story sounds interesting!!!

kanishk said...

I absolutely loved The Devouring. It was one of the best books i read last year

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Alyssa said...

I read this one and although I enjoyed it while reading it, it wasn't really memorable for me. Great review!

P.S. See you're getting the same spam comments as me (comment right before mine). *sigh*

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