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Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Devouring by Simon Holt

Title: The Devouring
Author: Simon Holt
Age Group: Teens
# of Pages: 231
My Rating: 5/5

Reggie finds a dusty old journal that has stories about the horrors of creatures beyond your imagination. They are called the Vours. They are beings that take over your body on Sorry Night, pretending to be you. Your body will continue to exist but your soul will be no longer be in this world.

However, Reggie thinks it is fictional and reads it to her younger brother, Henry. Henry is a child who still have fears but she assures him that none of it is real.

Everything changes after the night of December 22nd (Sorry Night). Reggie notices Henry is acting extremely strange and it scares her. Then, she realizes that the journal is not fictional after all and she must find a way to bring her brother back before it is all too late.

Simon Holt created a stimulating read that will chill you to the bone through the eyes of girl who tries to fight against ancient evils that bring your biggest fears to life.

I could not let go of this book. The story was absolutely engaging and I had to continue reading to find out what would happen to Reggie and those around her. It was such a hair-raising read that when things started to become too creepy, I had to put it down to take a breather and find some comedy to relieve the scary moment.

The characters were great and very realistic. They were crafted with skill and had flaws that further developed their personalities later on in the novel. I found Reggie to be courageous and I continuously cheered her on to defeat against the Vours. I also like her best friend Aaron, who is a bit of an oddball but fun and dependable at the same time. I thought there would be some romance between the two friends but there was none and it was nice that the author strayed away from the typical storylines.

This is an eerie novel that would keep you on the edge of your seat if you are looking for a horror book. Recommended 100%, especially for R.L. Stine and Stephen King fans! I am dying to get my hands onto the sequel, Soulstice!

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Orchid said...

I absolutely loved The Devouring. It was one of the best books i read last year. :)

Kelsey said...

Awesome review! I really need to get started on this one soon...

Donna said...

I'm glad you liked this one! Soulstice is really good. The spooky edge is kind of taken off but it's still creepy. Loved them all! I can't wait for the third!

Sarah (Limerick) said...

Ooh, this sounds really good. I haven't really read any of the Goose Bumps books 'cause they always use to scare me, but The Devoring sounds like it's a great book. Thanks for the review!

kanishk said...

Thankfully, she's graduated from Tokyo Mew Mew though,

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celi.a said...

Hmm...I'm not usually one for horror, but this book sounds interesting - and you gave it 5/5! May have to add it to the pile.

Great review!